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About Us

Cobalt launched in 2019 with a new approach to motor claims management – get it right first time.

We realised that customer frustration and increasing claims costs for the insurer were caused by poor decision making at the outset of the claim.

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Human touch in high tech claims handling

Cobalt uses bespoke technology, engineering data and injury analysis to present the best path for a claim for either policyholder claimants or the third party.

In either case it’s our combination of human touch and the latest innovations that ensure a swift, accurate claims journey, and prevent frictional costs and delays which increase indemnity spend.

The Team:

James Blyth - Operations Director Image

James Blyth - Operations Director

James is responsible for the overall strategic direction and service delivery. With over 20 years in motor claims management James is passionate about simplifying insurance claims to drive an efficient, stress free experience for our insurer partners and their policyholders.

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Steve Molloy - Head of Insurer Services Image

Steve Molloy - Head of Insurer Services

Steve joined Cobalt on a permanent basis in 2021, following a five month consultancy period. He brings with him a wealth of experience from his career in outsourced motor claims management and replacement vehicle services from a Sales and Operational perspective.

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Abigail Stallard - General Counsel Image

Abigail Stallard - General Counsel

Abigail is a qualified solicitor and responsible for legal matters within Cobalt. Abigail has been with Cobalt since its inception and works closely with the operations team on contractual arrangements.

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Mark Avery - Head of Project Management & Implementation Image

Mark Avery - Head of Project Management & Implementation

Mark has been with Cobalt since launch and has helped shape the innovative processes and tools which are a feature of Cobalt's service. He has experience in a number of claims areas as well as a strong belief that the best claims outcomes come from the combination of applied tech and great people.

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David Cooper - Support Leader Image

David Cooper - Support Leader

David has worked within motor claims handling for over 20 years. He ensures Cobalt can deliver a quality service to meet the needs of customers and insurers 24/7, 365 days a year

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Tracy Elgie - Team Leader Image

Tracy Elgie - Team Leader

Tracy has a long career of over 20 years within the insurance industry. Experienced in Team Leadership and specialising in Large Loss Personal Injury claims, complaints handling and counter fraud. Tracy strives to achieve business objectives through development and motivation of her team.

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Thomas Horan - Team Coach Image

Thomas Horan - Team Coach

Thomas’s role supports all aspects of Cobalt’s service delivery. He works alongside the team to ensure everyone has the skills and expertise needed to deliver on our promises.

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Hilary Ball - Marketing Manager Image

Hilary Ball - Marketing Manager

Hilary has been with Cobalt from it's launch, supporting all marketing and communications activities to reaching new customers.

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