23 Oct 2020

Case Study: Flexible Out of Hours Solution With Rapid Implementation

In house operations ‘out of hours’ are often out of the question for many businesses due to the cost and complexity of maintaining these resources.

Somerset Bridge sought a new partner to receive FNOL calls and manage claims from motor policyholders when their own offices were closed.

However the insurer wanted to ensure policyholders received a service equal to that which they would deliver themselves during office hours. What’s more it was important to be able to integrate with existing accident damage management partners in a seamless way.

The solution needed to reflect current internal processes in order to achieve a fast implementation without delay or friction with existing operations and without compromise on service or value.

The Cobalt Solution

The service operates from 6.00pm in the evening until 8.00am and at weekends. Claims occurring during these hours can amount to 30% of total claims volumes.

The claims management system (CMS) used by Cobalt controls the rules for every scheme meaning absolute accuracy of service which is easy for claims handlers to operate at any time of night or day. This means our multi skilled out of hours handlers are free to concentrate on helping their customer, confident that system prompts will guide them through the correct process and enable them to deploy the necessary services correctly.

Cobalt mirrored the systems used by Somerset Bridge creating a complementary outsourced service. On receipt of a claim our handlers validate cover and carry out a liability assessment and deploy vehicle recovery services if needed.

Replicating the vehicle damage matrix from Somerset Bridge Cobalt engages the policyholder regarding repair options or if the vehicle will be a total loss, allowing Somerset Bridge to instruct the correct accident damage services as quickly as possible.

Where the policyholder is at fault Cobalt concurrently ‘spawn’ a workflow for the third party in order to reach out and offer services on behalf of Somerset Bridge.  The extended operating hours, especially early evening and weekends, provide ideal contact opportunities.

Successful Service Delivery

Cobalt has consistently operated well within agreed telephony SLAs which are set at the same level as in hours and achieved a high level of customer satisfaction.

In 1 in 10 cases the policyholder needs immediate roadside assistance which Cobalt instructs straightaway giving important to help to drivers who would otherwise be stranded.

In addition to claims calls a further 30% of non FNOL enquires are received which Cobalt directs to the appropriate team within Somerset Bridge in order that they can action the customer request straight away on the next working day ensuring the customer is has a clear message on the next course of action.

Full management information is provided monthly to Somerset Bridge giving visibility of everything Cobalt undertakes as an outsourced provider, and the fixed fee structure means it’s easy to manage costs.

The flexibility of the Cobalt solution has been very important, enabling Somerset Bridge to connect straight into an existing network, making transition low risk and ongoing management straightforward.

The ability to reach out to third parties in such a timely way through the Cobalt service also drives above average conversion rates and third party cost savings.

“Somerset Bridge is really pleased with how Cobalt provide the out of hours service to our customers. This works seamlessly alongside our own claims service and has been a great success.” Lynne Clark, Head of Operations – Claims at Somerset Bridge

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