26 Nov 2020

How do you assess bodily injury as part of a claim?

Following an accident, a vehicle is only one element that requires assessment. It is also critically important to assess any bodily injuries that could have happened to the driver or their passengers.

We’re taking a closer look at how you assess a bodily injury as part of the claims process and how getting this right can lead to a more effective level of customer service and care.

Effective triage

Should a person have suffered an injury as a result of an accident, the first step in assessment is confirming the extent of the injuries someone might have suffered. This allows us to triage the individual and work with third parties to provide effective treatment in order to make a full and speedy recovery. Assessing early on also  prevents represented cases and the additional costs and risks this can potentially incur.

Cobalt utilises our very own in-house injury severity assessment tool. We use this tool, coupled with questioning and light triage techniques, to be able to generate an individual score for an injury that helps to drive the next steps of the process. The questioning of the injured party can be tailored to our Client’s requirements.

Any questioning and triage need to be led by expert insight in order to be effective. The tools we have in place help to support our Case Handlers in ascertaining the severity of each injury we deal with.

Informing treatment and rehabilitation

The score we generate during the initial triage process serves as a guide to help us allocate an injured person to the correct treatment track and help steer them towards full recovery.

This helps with defining the goals rehabilitation treatment needs to achieve and deciding what route the injured party needs to take through our rehabilitation network.

During the whole recovery process, we leverage our handl Group capabilities in medical reporting, case management and rehabilitation solutions. This allows us to provide effective treatment and a cost-effective solution to rehabilitation. We can also use a Client’s supply chain if required.

Throughout this entire process, expert insight and effective reporting are used to ensure treatment stays on the right path and that the services and treatments offered to the injured party are as beneficial as possible.

How can Cobalt benefit your business?

At its core, Cobalt is a range of technologies and people skill sets combined to provide insurers with a suite of benefits, from better control over costs, to providing customers with a much more streamlined and effective level of service.

These bespoke solutions leverage data, technology and expert insight to improve and speed up end-to-end management of claims by making decision at the very beginning a claim is made. By empowering decision making and streamlining processes throughout the claims process, we’re making it easier for businesses to quickly and effectively resolve claims.

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