14 Feb 2020

No cost or commitment assessments allow companies to evaluate benefits of Cobalt

Since Cobalt was brought to the market by Coplus in October last year, the revolutionary solution for bespoke and scalable motor claims management has gained incredible traction, and now we want to prove to our customers just why Cobalt could truly benefit them.

Instead of asking potential new customers to simply take our word for how good Cobalt’s unique offering is, Coplus has entered into a partnership with independent consultancy company SX3, who is well regarded in the claims sphere.

SX3’s associates will provide companies with complementary audit and reviews, commissioned by us, which will ultimately determine whether or not the introduction of Cobalt to their service repertoire would be beneficial.

Each company will be strategically assessed, looking at their current claims processes, customer satisfaction, and a review of a meaningful selection of individual cases. SX3 then provides a no cost or commitment evaluation outlining a number of key opportunities and areas for improvement, as well as whether they would benefit from introducing Cobalt to their portfolio.

Adrian Gilbert, Managing Director of SX3, said: “This is a remarkable act of faith by Coplus in their Cobalt solution. They are offering to fund independent evaluations of customers’ existing services against Cobalt, regardless of the outcome of that evaluation.

Furthermore, Coplus will have no access to the results of these evaluations, which will remain confidential between SX3 and the customers. It’s a brave move, as we will exact the same high standard of independence and expertise to these evaluations as we apply to all of our assessment work, so well done to Coplus for showing such faith in their solution.”

Jason Tripp, Managing Director of Coplus, said: “Operating successfully in the highly competitive motor broker FNOL market for as long as we have has helped us build a highly efficient platform from which to launch Cobalt. Being new to the insurer claims services space, we are free from legacy issues, and we’ve built from scratch technology, partnerships and processes in which first call or contact resolution is the aim.

By removing errors and delays, before they occur, we can save insurers money and make it a better experience for the policyholder. Trust and integrity are two very important values at Coplus and we show that through our transparent approach. This work with SX3 is a way for us to show that in practice and we are delighted to be able to utilise their independent assessment.”

For many firms operating in the current motor claims landscape, cost control, triage and communication continue to be a major concern and can be improved when supported by innovation and improved processes.

Cobalt uses skilled expertise supported by AI-based decision support tools to enable optimum management of both vehicle damage and injury claims. It’s re-engineered the process from first claims notification to provide informed, immediate decisions about the best and correct action for the policyholder.

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