18 Feb 2020

The benefits of flexible repair solutions

People are busy, from work commitments to the school run a vehicle is important for going about day to day tasks, which means sometimes leaving a car in a garage to be repaired isn’t a practical option.

Cobalt has been designed to intelligently deploy vehicle repairs to make life easier for a customer by offering more flexibility with the repair options. Within accident damage management, this can mean utilising different solutions that allow you to provide customers with efficient and effective repairs that adapt to each customer and their specific needs.

What are the repair options?

Depending on the extent of the damage to a vehicle and the level of work required there can be a choice of repair facilities, such as:


These sites can complete any level or repair required. They are fixed site locations providing additional space and equipment that can help facilitate major vehicle repairs. These sites are the only option when there is a need to carry out repairs on larger damaged areas that will take longer than 1 day and need specialist work.


Mobile repair can be completed at the customer’s home or place of work, the technicians use the same equipment and follow the same processes as a traditional bodyshop, but the bodyshop goes to the customer. This service can repair damage on up to four panels of the vehicle in a day or less, so the customer is back on the road in no time allowing for greater convenience and flexibility.


Midi sites sit between fixed sites and mobile repair options. These facilities are ideal for repairs that can’t be done at a mobile level but aren’t necessarily big enough for a larger garage to tackle. In general, these sites repair dents, bumps, scratches, scrapes and scuffs on any panel of your vehicle, including bumpers, wings, doors, boots, tailgates, bonnets, roofs and headlights, most repairs take less than half a day. This can be a valuable time-saving option if the work required is assessed as suitable for this route.

What are the benefits of different repair options?

By offering a number of options to get damaged vehicles repaired and back on the road, you’re providing customers with a greater degree of flexibility and convenience, therefore, making life as easy as possible for someone which is a great way to support them.

To ensure that repairs are assigned to the most effective and efficient option, Cobalt uses machine learning and intelligent triage processes to understand the damage a vehicle has sustained and then steering it down the best repair track.

Through this, you can avoid issues that drive up costs, such as sending vehicles that would be a ‘total loss’ into the repair network. Not only does this increase costs and cause delays, but it can also hinder the relationship between insurers and their repair network. Mitigating this can have a positive effect on working relationships.

Helping you provide your customers with more flexibility

Putting vehicles on the right repair path correctly and at the earliest point plus the ability to offer customers a greater level of choice about when and where they get their car fixed can massively improve their customer journey.

Cobalt helps to ensure customers have flexible options when it comes to vehicle repairs, and allows insurers to offer a much more effective process which ensures vehicles are quickly directed to the correct repair route thus reducing the claims cycle and the key to key time.

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