13 Mar 2020

The importance of the human touch during FNOL

Making a great first impression on a customer is important for any business. From the first time you speak on the phone, or the customer visits your website or walks into your office, an opinion of your brand is formed.

When it comes to the claims industry, that first point of contact can potentially be a high-stress situation, which is where the claims people can make all the difference.

We’re taking a closer look at how the human touch can be so critically important during FNOL.

What is FNOL?

FNOL, or First Notification of Loss, is the first step in the claims process where a customer provides information relating to their claim, making an initial report of the circumstances and explaining what has happened.

In a motor claim, this is often following an accident, meaning customers could be in a distressed state when they get in touch. Adrenaline could be running high and a customer could rightly be concerned about what comes next, whether this means a vehicle being written off or facing lengthy repairs. This can cause some degree of anxiety as the claimant tries to work out the impact it can have on them. This heightened state also makes the experience more memorable.

How does the human touch help customers?

At the FNOL stage of a claim, it’s important to make a strong first impression. Putting the customer at ease is important in a stressful situation. Good listening, empathy and building a rapport is essential, as is being able to demonstrate that you understand the person's situation and giving clear and correct information to instil confidence and therefore a much more effective service.

That support and a sympathetic ear can be hugely important to someone, especially if they have concerns about what will happen to their car. Understanding their pain points can help to provide a resolution that they are happy with during that first call, rather than having to alter arrangements later on, and provide important reassurance that their claim is in hand and they’ll be back on the road in no time.

Flexible options

Building a rapport with a customer helps to uncover more about their specific requirements. They may be worried about the time it will take to get their car repaired and the impact on work or family commitments. By listening to these concerns you may discover a more suitable solution for a better customer journey.

During the FNOL stage, we can identify the right repair options for each vehicle in line with the requirements of a customer, meaning we can suggest more flexible options that are more beneficial. For instance, this could be arranging a mobile repair that can come to the customer instead of them having to take time out of their day to drop their car at a garage.

How can Cobalt benefit your business?

An effective FNOL service is just one of several services that Cobalt offers. We combine a range of different services and technologies providing insurers with a suite of benefits.

By using a mixture of bespoke solutions, expert insight, data and powerful technology, we’re able to improve the end-to-end management of claims, streamline processes, empower decision making and help businesses quickly and effectively resolve claims.

If you’d like to find out more about Cobalt, and how we can benefit your business and its customers, please get in touch today.

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