The future of motor claims management

We bring you Cobalt. The future of motor claims management. Combining people and data to drive better decision making that improves commercial and customer outcomes.

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Always Ready 24/7

Cobalt, unlike many contact centre based operations, boasts the same level of service 24/7

Up to 40% of claims can be reported outside of office hours but customers expect the same level of service at whatever time it suits them to call – especially when they are calling at a time of need.

In the motor insurance world, it can be the one and only ‘moment of truth’ you have to show your support for your customer and that their decision to choose your brand was a good one.

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Accurate Decision Making

We’ve invested heavily in data science, machine learning and AI and combined it with people expertise. Claims are correctly captured and the put on the right track – right first time.

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Faster Settlement

Making the right decisions at the right time dramatically shortens the overall claims process, resulting in faster settlements for customers, reducing your spend and reducing your risk.

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Our solutions fit niche brands through to tier 1 insurers and are fully flexible, working with our own expert partners or yours. Live claims data can be sent directly to your systems and tailored to fit the next stage.

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Optimised Customer Journey

Less customer effort and certainty of the next steps through proactive communication enhances your brand, exceeds your customer expectations for a positive claims experience at a time that they most need you.

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What is Cobalt?

Cobalt is a revolutionary new proposition that is changing the way the industry thinks
about motor claims management.

Time is of the essence when dealing with motor claims. We make the right decision on the first call, providing your customer with accurate information relating to their claim.

Through industry-leading technology, insight and expertise, Cobalt redefines the way
the end-to-end claims process, from first contact to settlement, is managed.

Poor communication, inefficiency and pressured supply chains are all common issues
within the industry. These factors drive up costs, frustrate customers, delay resolution
and hinder service.

To improve customer experience, slash operational expenditure and achieve greater
efficiency you need to start thinking differently.

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The Cobalt Way

Understanding that customers are in crisis following an accident and utilising technology to provide a fast and efficient solution is key to what we do at Cobalt.

In accident damage 85% of claims are deployed into the correct track within the first call, with the remainder allocated within an hour following an expert desktop assessment.

We use machine learning and image capture from the policyholder to understand vehicle damage in real-time, ensuring that vehicles are quickly passed into the correct repair track.

Our powerful tools also allow us to assess personal injury, letting us guide and support the judgement of a claims handler to find the best claims track for someone whilst in call.

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The Solution

Our modular approach gives an end to end solution for outsourced claims management or can deliver a specific service, or range of services to integrate with other aspects of motor claims management. We can use our panel of experts in their field or your own supply chain – we are agnostic in our approach to supporting your customer.

To find out more about how Cobalt is combining leading technology, machine learning and powerful insight.

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Smarter Decisions Made at Scale

Cobalt is a scalable solution, combining technology and people to help you save time, save money and drive more effective customer journeys across your business. Being a scalable solution means we can operate at various levels, giving you the confidence and peace of mind to know that we can handle whatever your business needs.

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