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Cobalt is a modular solution for first and third party motor claims management that combines expert people with data science, machine learning and AI to drive efficiency and cost reductions, whilst achieving a smoother customer journey and better claims experience.

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First Notification of Loss

We strive to achieve a very high level of first call resolution in all of our solutions. Whichever route a claim comes to us, through FNOL or via any other means of notification, we will triage and assess the customer requirements in call, using decision support tools, and our integrated supply chain to put the claim straight on to the right track.

Reducing customer anxiety

The human touch is an essential component in our motor claims handling. We understand customers are in crisis when they’ve been involved in an accident and the reassurance provided by our team, backed up by the latest technology developments brings a fast and efficient resolution.

Innovative claims management technology

Our claims system drives a consistent process for every claim based on our unique customer triangle concept. Whether our claims handlers work on a niche claim or a high volume scheme we provide the same bespoke, high quality service.

Connected supply chains

Careful selection of supply chain partners, coupled with integrated systems provides a common platform from which work is scheduled in call. This also provides a single view of each claim enabling our team to manage progress and keep all parties informed.

We represent your brand with a white label service that is controlled exactly through our bespoke claims management system. With technology providing the correct claims process flow, no matter the complexity of the variations and scheme rules, our expert people focus only on identifying your customers’ needs and ensuring the correct services are deployed immediately.


Telematics expertise

We manage in excess of 7,000 telematics claims each year from many different providers. We have honed our own claims handling methodology and coupled with automated decision making capability achieve an efficient, yet customer focussed approach.  

Engineering & Repair

 An innovative and data-enabled solution complemented by a best in class integrated supply chain to manage accident damage in a way that is not currently done in the market. 

Flexible deployment options

For convenience, smaller repairs customers can utilise the less expensive mobile or midi repairers, depending on their location. 

Centralised common platform

All suppliers have visibility of claim status and progress, avoiding miscommunication and reducing delays.

Technology-enhanced expert validation

Image recognition software assess the damage and validates against our in-house damage assessment tool, and in-depth assessments model the salvage potential for total loss utilising extensive vehicle data.

Accurate decision making

Backed up by data science and engineering with technology-driven second line checks, we ensure the right decision is made at the right time.

Reduction of frictional costs

By making the right decisions at the right time frictional costs for insurers are reduced.

 This is a holistic approach, using information more intelligently up front to work more efficiently and reduce your overall liability spend. Our solution combines our expert people with damage assessment tools, data science and in-call engineering to achieve an optimised customer journey.


Our approach is defined by the 3 D’s:


We make the right decision at the right time.


We deploy customers into the correct track.


We proactively manage our supply chain and deliver results in the first call.


Decision Support

Making fast, accurate decisions is key to preventing delays and errors in accident damage. Cobalt ensures every job is correctly allocated from the start. 85% of claims are deployed into the correct track within the first call, with the remainder allocated within an hour, following a desk top engineering assessment.

By carrying out engineering pre-allocation total losses are identified before any money is spent. This shortens the time taken to settle total losses but can also ensure total loss can be avoided if necessary.

Third Party Capture

Our third party capture solution uses skilled operators and decision support tools to provide a rapid, compelling and customer centred proposition for both bodily injury and accident damage which significantly lowers third party claims costs.

Outbound contact expertise

We prioritise leads received by intelligent criteria to drive increased capture rates such as time since incident, identification of best time to call and severity of accident.

High performing

Our expertise in liability assessment, triage and customer service combine to achieve a high degree of success in third party assistance services.

Data driven

Decision support tools for both bodily injury and accident damage ensure we accurately assess the service most suitable for the customer helping to keep the claim on track.

Using the same data supported triage that we use in first party accident damage claims we can quickly and accurately put a third party claim on to the right track. This certainty and confidence in our service increases capture rates. The assessment of vehicle damage, recovery and direct hire can all be deployed within the first call.

This is a very compelling offer for the third party and by ensuring we balance the customer needs with cost control we can show greater success against other intervention programmes.

Bodily Injury Triage

Our established injury capture process is aligned to your ethos. We conduct targeted capture based on confirming the extent of injury and aim to prevent represented cases. Our injury severity scoring tool was developed in-house and is utilised to support decision making at our first contact with the third party.

Structured Questioning

Driven by insurers appetite modifiers.

Assessment Matrix

Combines injury type and severity.

Excellent Outcomes

Proven savings achieved through targeted intervention.

Nuanced questioning and light triage techniques from our expert people ensure only genuine injuries are captured. We will retain the customer in the rehabilitation process and present a completed case to you for a settlement decision.

We can provide this module as a standalone service. Send us the claims you wish us to capture into Bodily Injury Triage; or we can provide this as part of our overall Third Party Capture service.

Discover The Cobalt Way

Out Of Hours

Enhance your service with 24 hour support for your customers. All of our solutions can be utilised 24 hours a day through our genuine out of hours service, either deploying the claim into our service network or integrating with your supply chain.

Read our latest case study.

In-house contact centre

We don’t outsource our calls after hours or take messages. Our genuine service is provided by expert claims handlers around the clock either for FNOL or to progress an existing claim.

Rapid claim progression

We receive 30% of claim notifications in the evenings or weekends. That’s 30% of claims that otherwise would have been held up without progress until the next business day.

Service enhancement

We act as an extension of your brand, fully white labelled and consistent delivery. We can enhance your proposition with the addition of 24/7 service.

Our bespoke claims management system ensures our handlers manage each claim consistently and correctly around your scheme rules. This powerful system automates a workflow for each claim based on defined parameters. This means that our handlers focus on listening and engaging with customers, rather than remembering information. Whether we deal with 100s of claims for your brand or 10s we can always give the best service.

Discover The Cobalt Way

Defendant Small Claims

When the Civil Liabilities Act comes into force the number of small claims will increase significantly. Litigants in person will require a new claims process and additional resources can be taken up with the management of these claims. Although the outcome of the claim may be lowered for Insurers, the cost of dealing with these claims will increase through dealing with inexperienced claimants.

Unrepresented Claimants

Dealing with unrepresented claimants in a cost effective and uniform manner, protecting your brand.

Assessment of Losses

Rules engine to assess losses Including fraud checkpoints.

Enforceable Outcome

Evidence based questioning with final outcome signed by customer.

Cobalt’s expertise and flexibility means that however the claims market behaviour changes post reforms you’ll have an outsourced partner capable of managing the peaks or the troughs and additional claims touches without having to resource for this yourself.

Our customised scheme rules can be adjusted to your approach with levels set by you.

Discover The Cobalt Way

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